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i spent 3 days making this miniature house and i wish i lived here

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@naiad said: Oh this is so nice!!! I'd love to make a little dollhouse like this someday 💕

i used a kit to build this, which you can buy online. the ones i get are from china, so unfortunately the instructions are in chinese, but it's pretty doable even if you don't speak a word of chinese.

there's a materials list in the beginning labeling each piece and its dimensions and there's pictures to go along with the written instructions. for example, A4 might be a 3cm x 3cm x 0.1 cm piece of wood, and the picture will show the A4 piece being glued to another piece of wood (that's also labelled).

i spent 3 days making this miniature house and i wish i lived here

artfight attack of alrescha for @light-field / @vincebirds o/

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sdgjdfg i posted this on the wrong blog gg

when ur a fuckin clown and decide to make a long comic strip that you'll never finish

me: he likes wearing simple outfits
also me: draws him in this complicated getup

just had to spend $100 on shoes because of my flat feet gg

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-Space related asks- (taken from here)

Pluto: What do you love most about yourself?
Mars: Who is your ideal best friend?
Earth: What’s your ideal house/home?
Saturn: What’s your aesthetic?
Jupiter: If you could choose your own name what would it be?
Neptune: What’s an album that you can listen through entirely w/o skipping song?
Venus: Go to piece of clothing/outfit?
Mercury: What’s something you couldn’t live without?
Uranus: What’s your zodiac sign?
The Moon: Favorite quote?
The Sun: What motivates you?
Kepler-22b: If you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?
Phobos: What was your favorite song as a child?
Ceres: Out of everyone/thing in this world, who would you elect president?
Titan: If you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?
Callisko: What’s your ideal job?
Enceladus: Who is your favorite person? What are they like?
Hyperion: Do you have a favorite store/shop?
Comet: What’s your biggest secret?
Astroid: What’ your biggest fear? Is there a reason why you’re scared of it?
Shooting Star: Who is your ideal s/o?

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@zylphide tbh i just really like cabbage a lot lol

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that's valid

egg rolls aren't a thing in china (they're uniquely american-chinese) so when i tried one i just didn't have a fun time and it's stuck with me my entire life

gremlin-gal asked:

Oleum: If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

i had to think really hard about this, but i'd go with Americano by Lady Gaga

now i know that sounds weird because i'm not hispanic in any way but honestly it kinda captures those undocumented immigrant vibes that i've been living with for a long time

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Artfight revenge of Aruyu, who belongs to artist Zylphide

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:ooo she looks amazing!!! i love it 10/10

naiad asked:

Diazomethane: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

honestly this might be a little boring but i would love to learn more languages like those polygots out there. knowing two languages isn't enough i need more!!!

like right now i don't have access to Real Language Classes so i'm using duolinguo and barely learning anything, but it's A Start

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Send me a highly toxic chemical in my ask box (taken from here)


Acetaldehyde: What did you used to have that you are happier without?

Bromine: What was your favorite food when you were a child?

Cyanogen: If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

Diazomethane: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Ethylamine: What sound do you love?

Formaldehyde: If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

Hexafluoroacetone: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Isopropylamine: What do you miss most about being a kid?

Ketene: What is something you learned in the last week?

Methacrylaldehyde: Would you rather be really attractive or really smart?

Nitromethane: What are your phobias?

Oleum: If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

Pentaborane: What is one habit of yours that no one knows about?

Sarin: What annoys you the most?

Trifluorochloroethylene: If you could change your first and middle name to anything, what would it be?

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last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?

  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?

  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

camilla for @sidh for artfight!

had some trouble with the pose in the beginning, but i hope you like it .w.

tried making a sona and came up with this oc instead

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mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

zylphide -

@spacepandy commented:
Ah yeah... that happened to me last year.. luckily I keep all of my layers separate and they never replied to me so I just re-used the pose/composition for a personal drawing. Was really frustrated about it thought.

oof, that really sucks. glad you were able to salvage it, though. luckily the person responded to me and put the character back up so i could at least post the attack

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mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

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@star-rice commented:
oh fucking lord, mood. Ive never had an attack I couldn't post bc of this, but I'll go "man, I wanna see the character I did art of again" and go "guess I heckiN CANT!?" >:( Theres also just? So damn many hidden characters? Its like 50% of older attacks it seems.

asdkjfsdf i just remembered that i have an oc with a decent number of attacks that i've hidden because i dislike the outfit i drew for them

once i create new outfits for em i'll unhide them

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Artist Resource Collection

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This collection is transcribed from my Carrd's Resource section, available at https://redclock.carrd.co/#resources. We love mirrors!

Warning: there may be examples of unmarked artistic nudity, violence, etc. from some resources under the General and Reference Images categories.

Last updated: 2020-10-19.



Anatomical Art Tumblr + additional reference blogs*

Art Resources Carrd




Magic Poser


Color Supplyyy

Color Calculator








Animal Photo Art References Search

National Geographic Photo Ark

Met Museum Art Collection

Smithsonian Open Access

SenshiStock DeviantArt



200 free Etherington Brothers tutorials



General Art

FireAlpaca (Windows, Mac)

Krita (Windows, Mac, Linux)

MediBang Paint (Windows, Mac)

Paint.NET (Windows)

Pixel Art

GrafX2 (Windows, Mac(?), Linux, Haiku)

GraphicsGale (Windows)

Piskel (browser, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Pixelorama (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Image Editors

Glimpse (Windows, Mac, Linux)

IrfanView (Windows)

XnView MP (Windows, Mac, Linux)



Head light reference tool


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(‡ Copyright may apply to certain images. Met 1, Met 2; Smithsonian 1, Smithsonian 2.)