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on saturation and warmth

@sweetiefayceheya! I saw your comment but had no idea how to respond, so here I am with this post (because the ask box doesn't allow pictures)

when I draw, I tend to pick shadows that are less saturated than the base. for example with the pink, I picked the top set of colors:

when you put down a color that's less saturated next to a color that's more saturated, it makes the saturated color "pop." when you have the same level of saturation (like the bottom set of colors), the object tends to feel a little "flat"

as for making objects feel "cozier," I tend to go with a warm highlight:

warm-colored lighting makes places feel, well, warmer (ex: orange light from a fire or a salt lamp), while cold-colored lighting makes places feel colder (ex: blue light from a computer monitor)

sorry if this isn't what you asked, feel free to ask me to elaborate if I didn't actually answer your question sdfadff

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