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cringetober day 14 - i'm not a furry but

idk if this counts but this is actually a wip of a species i'm making for one of my aus, more info about em under the cut

-live on a very cold planet orbiting a binary star system
-gender is abolished because they're a monosex species and each individual is a true hermaphrodite
-any individual can mate with any other individual
-lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young; the eggs require an overwintering period where it gets real cold, or else they won't hatch
-their horn genetics are Fucked Up so you get a lot of variability in horn size/number/shape
-i'm still thinking about family structure but i'm thinking something like a mix between polar bears (parents and young) and penguins (the entire colony/tribe works together but doesn't feed each others' kids or anything)
-shed their hair/fur twice a year, they use their fallen hair/fur to line their nests and maybe to make some clothes for the kids/close relatives
-a n t i f r e e z e b l o o d

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