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The question is. How do I care for them? Especially in this cold winter. This thing doesn't have any holes on the bottom, so I'm concerned about that too. I recall people on waterfall being mostly good with plants so I'm asking YOU.


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it's plant science time!!

the fact that there's no holes on the bottom is concerning - succulents do not like having waterlogged roots because they grow in desert, so they are very prone to having root rot. you may wish to put them in a different container with drainage holes (or somehow make a hole in it but idk if that's feasible lmao). if you repot them, make sure the soil you're using has rocks (like perlite) mixed in to improve drainage. also if that's Real Moss in there, take it out as it'll retain water

assuming you have them in a pot/tin can/literally whatever with a hole for drainage, i would recommend watering them once a week at the very maximum. terracotta pots dry out much faster than non-porous pots like plastic or metal, so you can water succulents in those a bit more often. just make sure that the soil in the pot is completely dry, or you risk getting root rot. since you live in a colder climate, you may not need to water them often (like... once a month maybe?). succulents are good at surviving dry conditions, not so much wet ones.

speaking of water, this is gonna sound counterintuitive, but whenever you water, you need to make sure the soil is completely wet. this mimics a desert environment, where there are long stretches of no rain, followed by heavy rains that soak the soil, and then back to no rain. watering them a little each time every day or so keeps the roots wet constantly, which again, risks root rot.

since succulents are from the desert, they like lots and lots of sun. keep them in a north or south-facing window where they can get a lot of light. they won't die without a lot of light, but they'll etiolate (stretch), and become very leggy, like this:

they are not very happy in this state, even if it looks like they're growing a lot. but sometimes it's unavoidable. like i have my plants under a grow light for 12 hours a day and some of the lil fuckers still do this so kdjafksdjf

most succulents can tolerate temps down to ~50F/10C, then they either die or go dormant. below freezing temps will kill them very fast. if you can keep em away from drafty areas, they should be fine.

uhhh i can't think of anything else right now, so let me know if you have any more questions

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thank you so much!

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it's plant science time!!

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