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digital art of two front-on, colored full-bodies featuring my oc sydney. left: sydney wearing a knee-length black dress with a very corporate, militaristic style. right: sydney wearing a crop top, tight pants, and knee high boots with an oversized coat; except for the coat, all the clothes are black with gold circuit accents semi-inspired by a beehive.digital art of two front-on, colored full-bodies featuring my oc lucrece. left: lucrece wearing an oversized dark olive jacket with a skull pin and a french fry pin, a maroon shirt that says  digital art of a 3/4 facing colored full-body featuring my oc valentin. his arms and legs have been replaced by dark grey cybernetics with red-orange accents. his torso and face are still skin-like, but show signs of having implants beneath them. he's wearing a black leotard with red-orange circuit accents and appears to be holding on to silhouette of a sniper rifle.

cyberpunk2077 is a clown game made by a clown company but damn if i don't love the aesthetics and the world mike pondsmith made

so u know... i'll just make my own cyberpunk ignoring what happens in the game

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