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as an lgbta+ asian, the amount of Bad lgbt rep in asian light novels (particularly mlm "bl" stories) and the amount of people defending that shit (like "fujoshis" aka straight girls fetishizing gay men) really upsets me. like why do all the authors try and shove noncon in there and why do people try to say it's ok??? (i know why, it's because none of them have ever met an lgbt+ person in their entire lives). like it gets me so worked up dalfbdks

confession: i used to run a "popular" tumblr blog where i translated this one mlm story, but i just had to stop because i couldn't handle the toxicity. some of it was my own fault because i mocked the fujoshis for being fuckin weirdos but like... ugh

i legitimately love historical chinese settings, but there's almost zero lgbt+ works in that setting that doesn't trip the Bad alarm. and i ain't gonna flip through mountains of garbage to find One Good Thing. like i have such a bad association with it because of these dang bl novels that i don't even wanna touch my own historical chinese au. ~be the change u wanna see in the world~ but also i don't want people to see my work and automatically associate it with That

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