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i am SCARED for my succulents okay. they say you have to keep them out of the direct sunlight for a week after repotting and not water them after that one watering you did while repotting and I'm terrified. you know what happened to the succulent leaves that were supposed to give roots after being left to dry for a week? they DRIED, @star-rice. they're DEAD. they won't produce life anymore. also every tutorial just says "put them at a south facing window" AS IF I HAVE FOUR WINDOWS IN MY HOUSE EACH ONE FACING EACH DIRECTION. both of my windows are facing...whatever they're facing, north-west? too poor too mentally ill for plants, I guess. but they're so pretty it hurts


@star-rice i am assuming the middle ones are dead. i splashed them with water because nothing works anyway


those directions are uh very oddly specific and i don't think they're that good tbh

"south-facing window" sounds very specific, but obviously not everyone has a south-facing window. that usually means the window with the most light (south-facing windows tend to get the most amount of sunlight light for people living in the northern hemisphere). if a north-facing one is all you have, that's fine too.

the succulent leaves you're showing there look like aeonium kiwi (i think, based off the general shape and the red tinges around the leaves). they can hold some water in their leaves, but they're not like traditional desert succulents because they're from a more subtropical climate. their soil needs to be a bit moist instead of completely dry.

as for propagating leaves of succulents, it's a mixed bag depending on the species. the leaves you're showing off here are 90% goners (especially the yellow ones). i've actually never had any success propagating the leaves of aeoniums. i don't think it's possible for the leaves to grow roots for this particular genus - it usually has to have a bit of stem for it to grow roots.

plants can be wack and kind of picky, and it's really hard to get "good" care instructions unless you know the specific genus (not easy for people who aren't familiar with plants who get unlabelled plants at the store), and even then they can just Perish out of nowhere. please don't blame yourself! even i've had plenty of plants die on me after i did my best to take care of them and i would consider myself "good" at taking care of plants.

EDIT: actually they might be echeveria agavoides, not aeonium kiwi (aeoniums have serrated leaves and i don't think your succulents have those). for echeverias, i just take the entire leaf and shove it in some dry soil and water it every once in a while. i don't bother leaving it to dry for a week or whatever. sometimes the leaves grow roots after a while, but they also might just die. it's like a 80% death rate for me when it comes to leaves. i've had better chances (almost 100% survival rate) if propagating them by cutting off one of the heads instead.

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Ooh, interesting. They almost look like they got froze. The two at the top look like they might make it? Getting these guys to root is pretty much a coin flip in normal circumstances, but my house mates pulled some back from a not great state just recently. I usually get mine to sprout by putting them on a plate with some dirt and spritz them with water twice a day (or whenever I notice it's dry again, milage may vary). Set it in a warm window. It takes a good week or two for them to start really putting out roots if they're gonna. I read somewhere that them shrivelling a little isn't a death sentence for them? I can get you a picture of our setup if you're interested (since we have two small trays going atm)

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those directions are uh very oddly specific and i don't think they're that good tbh

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Wow that's wild. Every succulent ive ever gotten leaves from takes so long for their leaves to start even changing colors (ie the chlorophyll is dying). Try not to lose hope with them, bud, plants can be very experimental and everyone's gonna have a different experience based on a billion different variables. Also, just because I'm curious, mind posting a picture of the dead leaves? I'm absolutely stunned that they'd die so quick.

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