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digital fullbody art of an oc, vahrtiis. they're standing at a 3/4 view facing the right, with their left arm sticking out to the side and their right arm in front of their chest. the left hand is holding a black hole-like object and the right hand is holding their hair. they have 5 horns, two sets of 2 that grow backward and twist around each other in a spiral, and one in the middle sticking straight up. they're wearing black silk that's wrapped around their chest, waist, legs, and wrists. their hair is a purplish black their scales, their horns, the tip of their tail, and the inner-facing portions of their hair have galaxy patterns. unlike the other ferah-saar, they have 4 toes on one foot and 5 fingers on one hand.

one of the gods of myr'seros, who is obviously a space deity. they're usually holed up on a big mountain.

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