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waist up digital portrait of my oc ilya. ilya has fair skin, purple eyes, long wavy dark brown hair in a side shave parted on the right, and a lot of piercings on his face. he has two lip rings on the left side of his bottom lip, a stud under the center of his bottom lip, a nose ring around his left nostril, two two studs on under his left eyebrow, and a whole bunch of rings and studs on his left ear. he's facing slightly to the right while looking to the left. he's shirtless, showing off his various tattoos and a scar across his chest. there's whole-arm sleeve tattoo of a shark on his left arm, a shark jawbone tattoo and a celtic knot tattoo on his right arm, a mako shark skull tattoo across his right pectoral, a holly leaves and fruit tattoo on his left side, and a fish skeleton with hollies tattoo on his upper right side. the scar across his right pectoral is composed of 3 left-to-right diagonal slashes and one right-to-left diagonal slashes.

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