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redrawing of the this is beyond science meme but with star trek ocs. in the middle doing the pondering pose is T'Sol, a fair-skinned vulcan with a black bobcut wearing a blue starfleet uniform. to the right is adrian, a fair-skinned human with a brown bobcut and a scar across her nose wearing a red starfleet uniform. to the left is synclair, a tan-skinned human with a brown ponytail wearing a blue starfleet uniform. all of them are sitting inside the command room on plush maroon chairs, with a view of a blue galaxy in the background.a bust of hermes, a centaur oc. they have long white hair with black patches and black horse ears at the top of their head. they're wearing a red headband with ornaments dangling off of it. the ornaments consist of blue orbs attached gold diamond-shapes. they're also wearing a band around their face in the same color, with similar ornaments attached. they have two golden wing-shaped objects rising up above their head behind their ears. they're wearing a blue outfit with red and gold accents. they're facing to the left, lit by light from the left, and are looking directly at the viewer.a bust of eboshi, a human oc. they have fair skin, short platinum blond hair, and red eyes. on top of their forehead is a red mark in the shape of a crescent with the open side at the top, along with a dot in the middle of the crescent. there is a scar-like red mark extending from the bottom of their right eye. they are facing to the right with a small smile on their face.

some artfight attacks for friends (in order: @birdking, renardroi, noeul)

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