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headshot of a dnd dragonborn. he's facing to the left and looking down at the viewer. he has sage green skin, a darker sage green mane around his head like an asian dragon, yellow eyes, and yellow horns. his horns are slightly wave-shaped, going up and then down, with sections separating the horns at equal intervals. two scars can be seen across his snout. he is wearing a purple outfit with a high collar, and a half-robe across his right side. headshot of an oc named elyra. their head is diamond-shaped and vaguely robotic, with a dome where their face would be. inside the dome is a periwinkle-colored galaxy. their mane, which looks more like a flowing glob than hair shares the periwinkle-colored galaxy design. two sets of two whiskers extend from their head and backwards. their skin is whiteish-blueish, with dark blue accents. they're facing to the right and lit on the right. headshot of a coatl from flight rising named Sandy. she's facing to the right and looking to the left. she's based off a leopard gecko, with yellow fur/scales that has brown leopard-like spots. her neck feathers are also yellow, with a yellow and brown galaxy pattern and white constellation-like spots.

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