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fullbody image of a sylvari standing up and facing 3/4 to the right. their eyes are closed and they have a slight smile on their face. their legs are crossed with their left hand on their hip and their right hand on a giant axe. the axe is in the shape of a dragon's head made of light blue ice, and it's exhaling a white frosty breath. the sylvari's skin is an ash brown with dark purple markings and yellow-orange glow. their leaf hair is in a bob-shape with glowing yellow-orange tips. their outfit is a yellow-cold color with black accents. their shirt has fur around the collar and only covers the left half of their chest. they're wearing gold gloves that extend all the way up to their biceps. their pants are bright yellow, though most of it is covered by a pair of black thigh-high boots that have fur at the very top.

cleaned up a sketch i did for cringetober 2020

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