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painting of syrcid (a sylvari) and llyrweyn (a vinetooth) travelling in the jungle. in the foreground, a bunch of dark blue, blurry, out-of-focus leaves and vines can be seen in all four corners. in the midground are syrcid and llyrweyn. syrcid's full body is visible and they're sitting on llyrweyn's back, near his shoulders. llyrweyn is only visible from the chest up, the rest of his body is out of frame or blocked by leaves and vines. small fireflies are flying around his head and body. both syrcid and llyrweyn are glowing, with syrcid glowing orange and llyrweyn glowing yellow. syrcid is facing the view but looking off the left at llyrweyn's head, while llyrweyn is facing to the left and staring straight ahead. in the background is a jungle scene, in hues of teal to lime green.zoom in of syrcid's face. they are outlined via a lime green backlight and lit by the orange glow from their leaves. they're wearing a choker, a crop top with a large collar, and long gloves that extend to their upper arms. their outfit is blue with yellow accents. heir chest is hidden by one of llyrweyn's horns.the jungle foreground and background without llyrweyn and syrcid in it. the silhouette monstera leaves are in the upper right corner, the silhouette of vines are in the upper left and lower right corners, and the silhouette of palm leaves are in the lower right hand corner. in the background, there are tree trunks and understory plants colored in teal. further back are tree trunks and understory plants in a sage green, where there are no plants, the background is a light to lime green.

finished this last week but never had the energy to post it slkdjfkajdf

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