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 fullbody reference drawing of a reptilian humanoid with light blue skin, dark teal scales, and long, wavy, black hair with cyan highlights. they are facing three-fourths to the left, with their right arm bent upwards with their fingers in a clawed grasp. they have a smug expression with a toothed smile on their face. the left half of their mane is braided, but the right half of their mane is flowing free they have two large horns growing next to their brows, both horns curve backwards and are segmented with spikes coming out of each segment. their legs from the lower thigh down and their tail from the base onward are cybernetic and skeletal. the dark teal scales on their arms and legs have spikes coming out of each segment. they have white tattoos over the scales on their torso and thighs.

another god from my homegrown worldbuilding project, their aspect is life/death and disease

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