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cringetober day 17 - ms paint

i love that this took very little effort and i could apply my time elsewhere

cringetober day 16 - plot contrivance

i still don't fully understand what a plot contrivance is

cringetober day 15 - stoic legolas expy

so apparently, expy is short for exported character, so here is a Totally Not Legolas from the dressup game love nikki

cringetober day 14 - i'm not a furry but

idk if this counts but this is actually a wip of a species i'm making for one of my aus, more info about em under the cut

-live on a very cold planet orbiting a binary star system
-gender is abolished because they're a monosex species and each individual is a true hermaphrodite
-any individual can mate with any other individual
-lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young; the eggs require an overwintering period where it gets real cold, or else they won't hatch
-their horn genetics are Fucked Up so you get a lot of variability in horn size/number/shape
-i'm still thinking about family structure but i'm thinking something like a mix between polar bears (parents and young) and penguins (the entire colony/tribe works together but doesn't feed each others' kids or anything)
-shed their hair/fur twice a year, they use their fallen hair/fur to line their nests and maybe to make some clothes for the kids/close relatives
-a n t i f r e e z e b l o o d

cringetober day 13 - that outfit looks cool in theory

bit of a redesign of an au outfit, might workshop it some more later

cringetober day 12 - demon oc

just testing more stuff, i don't know what possessed me to draw the rest of the body asdfsdf

cringetober day 11 - impractical weapon

gw2 flashbacks intensifies
i miss my salad son and his dragon axe

cringetober day 10 - blue hair

experimenting with some stuff, gotta figure out how to make the skin less muddy dkjfsdf

cringetober day 9 - lots of belts

i didn't intend for it to be become a whole colored and shaded thing, but here's an edgy boi

cringetober day 8 - just standing there

a literal child bullies a grown man, colorized, c. 2020

cringetober day 7 - "victorian" fashion

i can only assume they meant japanese lolita style
but yeah this was an old 2019 drawing i repurposed and somewhat facelifted

cringetober day 5 - meme template

look i'll admit it, i just traced the car

cringetober day 4 - glomping

i'm so glad i've never been glomped, shit looks painful

cringetober day 3 - 2000s alt fashion

after many days of googling "2000s alt fashion," i still don't understand it, so here's an emo goth vampire looking cecil

cringetober day 2 - animal ears

i gave up on the arms, can you tell

zoo manager for the imperial palace who has probably trained a number of birds to attack people

this is gonna be me in 4 years

(based on that man lying in the coffin and waking up again meme ft. synclair)

alternate costume for sihua for when they're not trying to draw a lot of attention

i meant for this to be sad but it came out more Overdramatic than anything

context: princely son gets framed for treason, emperor dad exiles em (rip), emperor dad deeply regrets it and pardons them 11 years later, but princely son is still Mad about the whole thing

shapeshifter oc who is a Bird

no one believes they're a bird though, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are, in fact, A Bird. they don't talk in their human form, but they refuse to shut up when they're in their bird form