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artfight attack of alrescha for @light-field / @vincebirds o/

zylphide -

sdgjdfg i posted this on the wrong blog gg

camilla for @sidh for artfight!

had some trouble with the pose in the beginning, but i hope you like it .w.

i think i forgot to upload this here after i submitted the attack but uh

here's skitters for @star-rice

artfight piece for my friend Ellteo of their oc fenri

more artfight pieces for friends (renardroi's Q and octopi's Iris)

managed to upload one attack and it just happened to be a meme

(ft. @bird-king 's oc Omen on artfight)

for anyone doing artfight this year, send me some links to your ocs

i need to collect refs right now because we all know the site is gonna Useless the first week and you won't be able to see anything

artfight piece for ElvenEccentric of his albino tiefling Bliss