u kno i had to do it to em

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flight rising maren character for a beastclans themed dnd sesh

she needs glasses because water refracts light differently than air

finished giveaway art for @awepossum of her oc simon

wearing a deer skull on your head is such a power move

tfw the household "servant" wears fancier clothes than the actual head of the household

mermay day 3+4

size comparisons between my mer

mermay day 1+2

big papa syd + baby lucrece

in my au the merfolk differ in size depending on their "other half," so you get Absolute Units like orcas and smol bois like uh most fish

@maud-gone asked: 🎩 on a character of your choice for the ask meme?

this would be a good time to confess that i dont understand suits askdjfksf

thank u for the ask tho!!

@beenary asked: any of your OCs with palette 6! itd be cool to see your style in a very muted monotone

syd: can i have my colors back now

this was super fun!! i was having some art block and this gave me a much needed push

clothing ruffles are beyond science

i don't know what compelled me to even give him these clothes

jumping on that pokemon fusion bandwagon a couple of years too late

some images for a ~lore post~ of my angel/demon au

map? map.

had fun making this for my angel/demon au

do you know what lives under the ocean?