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camilla for @sidh for artfight!

had some trouble with the pose in the beginning, but i hope you like it .w.

tried making a sona and came up with this oc instead

i think i forgot to upload this here after i submitted the attack but uh

here's skitters for @star-rice

artfight piece for my friend Ellteo of their oc fenri

more artfight pieces for friends (renardroi's Q and octopi's Iris)

managed to upload one attack and it just happened to be a meme

(ft. my friend's oc Omen on artfight)

another 30 min art exercise, this time with a moon and some clouds

original photo

finished commission piece for the lovely @kingtulip ft. two lesbeans

lil' ref i whipped up for artfight, still thinking of a backstory for this guy

hanging out on the riverbank with a basket of fish, what a life

one of the pieces i did for the art for donations thread!

giveaway prize art for @kingtulip ft. charizard banescale

every time i draw this robit they look tired as fuck

flight rising maren character for a beastclans themed dnd sesh

she needs glasses because water refracts light differently than air