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assign this blogger a pokemon team!!

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maltsea asked:


  • i used to be a huge nail biter but i somehow managed to stop myself when i was like 15 and now i have long nails and paint them all the time

  • i really like making those gundam models (even though i don't watch gundam) so i can't wait for that digimon metalgarurumon model kit to come out in august

  • i jokingly call myself "seest" because i told a cashier at wendy's my name was celeste and when i got my order the receipt said seest (i've also gotten seleste, celest, and selest, but this one really took the cake)

beenary asked:


  • i love growing and propagating basils (but not eating them); actually now that i think about it, i just love growing and propagating plants even though i have no one to give them to

  • i'm lowkey into stamp collecting now idk why

goropancakechi asked:


  • i'm allergic to so many things (thanks pollen / oral allergy syndrome), like apples, peaches, soy, tree nuts, etc but i'm a stupid clown and i keep eating them

  • i love making custom envelopes out of scrapbook paper to send to other people

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For every ⭐ I get I'll tell you a fact about myself

maltsea asked:


;o; aw, thank you

and yes, i'm definitely open to making new friends!

naiad asked:


honestly, as a very pessimistic person i had to think really hard about this dfkjsfkdf

i guess i feel pretty hopeful for the future when i see all the young zoomers out there being aware of what's going on in the world and actively trying to enact change (even if they don't have the political power to do so just yet). and im not that old really, but it feels like people my age have already been beaten down real hard by the system and we're at that "welp shit sucks not much we can do" (even though again, we're not that much older than the zoomers)

goropancakechi -

First time making an art ask meme, hope it's okay! This one is clothing based. Can be applied to canon characters and OCs.

You can specify a character, or leave it blank for the artist to decide!

Draw your character in...

👕 - A casual outfit

👔 - A business outfit

🩳 - An outfit they wear when it's hot

🧣 - An outfit they wear when it's cold

🩱 - Swimwear

👗 - Evening wear

🎩 - A suit

💤 - Their pyjamas

💖 - Their favourite outfit

💢 - An outfit they would hate wearing

😳 - An outfit they would be embarrassed wearing

👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 - Their best friend's/significant other's favourite outfit

🐱‍👤 - A Ninja outfit

🏴‍☠️ - A Pirate outfit

🎨 - Whatever the artist is wearing right now

💝 - The artist's favourite outfit