u kno i had to do it to em

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digital fullbody art of my oc cecil. they have knee-length wavy ash brown hair and spring green eyes. their scelera are black instead of white and there are two black, vertical scar-like indents over their eyes. their arms are cybernetically enhanced and have black indents that look like circuits. they're wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a triangle-shaped cutout at the chest, a pair of olive green pants, and black armor-like boots. they're also wearing two black harnesses: one that wraps around their thighs and waist and another that wraps around their shoulders and neck. they're standing, facing to the 3/4 to the right. in their left hand is a katana with a grey and spring green scabbard, a gray and purple hilt, and a spring green tassel.digital fullbody of my oc cecil, wearing the same outfit as the previous picture. they're in a mid-jump pose but their arms are

mantis blades are the only good thing that came out of cyberpunk 2077