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fullbody reference drawing of my oc synclair as a netwatch agent from cyberpunk 2077. there are 3 drawings in the image. on the left is a back reference, showing off black cybernetics that replace the upper back and shoulders. an artificial spine runs down the middle of the back and there are various cyan blue tubing snaking along the cybernetics and skin. in the middle is a fullbody piece with synclair facing to the right at a 3/4 angle. he has his right hand on his hip and his left arm off to the side. jaw, lower head, neck, shoulders, and arms have all been replaced by cyan and black cybernetics. his skin from his chest down to his hips have also been replaced, but the cybernetics are the same color as his skin. he's wearing a pair of white dress pants with a black belt and black shoes. his medium-length dark brown hair is up in a ponytail. the tips of his hair grow orange. off to the left is the same fullbody piece as the middle, but synclair is wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, an orange tie, and a steel blue vest.

cyberpunk 2077 au design for my oc synclair

he works for netwatch and goes into spooky cyberspace to delete rogue AIs, so the rogue AIs want to delete him too