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i can't stop thinking about the hades game

harpy-looking demon

i tried making some white flames and you know, it didn't really work but it's Fine

☠️ toxic demon ☠️

he secretes neurotoxins from his skin and has bristles like a bug to make it easier to poison people

a pic from this mushroom coloring book i made for class

tarot reader outfit for an au

lemme tell you my brain overheated while trying to figure out the silk wrapping from the back

get ur organic, homegrown galaxies here

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normally corel painter is like $400-$500, so if you wanna try it out, now's the time

just two merfolk looking up at some waterfalls

zoom on the mer:

A strange creature that appeared in the aftermath of the 'angelic invasion'. There is ongoing debate as to whether it's a demon or an angel. While its horns suggest a demonic heritage, the presence of feathered wings goes against that conclusion.

Keravnos was named for the constant lightning storms forming around its body. Its arrival is heralded by dark clouds and booming thunder, followed by strikes of lightning and vicious gales.

It appears to have full sight and hearing capabilities, despite the lack of visible eyes or ears.

One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

An oracle of the eldritch angels, rumored to exist deep within the heart of angelic territory. A creature of many eyes, both visible and invisible. Spoken of with reverence by the other angels, for its many eyes see all.

No credible sightings have been reported of this particular angel, though it has been given the moniker 'Sibyl.'

One of the terrifying horned creatures that appeared in the aftermath of the 'angelic invasion'.

All those who have seen the demon Temperance remember being rooted to the spot out of either fear, amazement, or both. It appears not so much as a creature of the earth, but as a being made of condensed space matter.

Every report that attempts to describe the “cosmic landscape” within Temperance’s body yields a different description from all the others.

One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

It calls itself Justice, bringing indiscriminate retribution upon both the innocent and the guilty. Wherever it goes, despair and death are surely to follow. those who lay their eyes upon its hard-light sword and gaping maw rarely live to tell the tale.

What hides under the wings that obscure Justice's face? Some speculate that Justice is simply hiding a lack of eyes, but others say that it hides a horror that human eyes were never meant to see.

One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

It was given the name Soleil, for it shines like the sun. Those who gaze upon its radiance turn blind, and those in its presence for long periods of time show signs of intense UV radiation burns. Everyone is advised to head indoors immediately if the amount of sunlight in an area drastically increases.

It is oddly doll-like, and does not appear to speak the language of man.

this is lucrece, cecil's first (and only) kid and honestly quite a handful to deal with. they hate the cold and spend most of their time curled up around their Big Orca Dad's neck like a shiny mer necklace. you can blame them for shoal circadia being late to arrive in their summer arctic grounds and setting all the events in motion

this is sydney, an orca mer

he's a large boi (~23 ft long!!!) and a very good hunter. he catches extra fish for frederick when he and his shoal are in the arctic for the summer. while he's very charismatic, most other mer are suspicious of him for being a warmblood.

he's one of the few mer that speak "dry-lander," but somehow he talks like a mix between a pirate and a new yorker

this is frederick, an albino leafy seadragon mer

his home shoal didn't want him because he's not highly pigmented like everyone else, and after a series of highly unfortunate events, he ended up in the arctic. he can't leave because he's Bad at swimming so now he farms clams and relies on the charity of his orca friend and his human boo

this is cecil, valentin's son. he got tired of the isolationist/traditionalist ways of his homewater and eloped with a big orca named syd to form their own shoal.

he is a very critical and sassy boy and he hates it when people value him only for his appearance. he also really hates the divide between the "warmbloods" and the "coldbloods" (think predator/prey relationship in zootopia)

this is valentin, a butterfly koi mer

he's a kind Old Man and a well-respected community leader in a koi-only lagoon. he has a son, cecil, but he hasn't seen the kid in years after cecil eloped with an orca mer. his One Big Regret is pushing cecil away, but he has no idea where his son is or where to find him

synclair is actually a selkie, and has been living on land for about seven years (because humans have been fucking up the oceans)

he eventually got very homesick and booked a vacation to a remote coastal town, and now he doesn't want to leave

this is vyviana, a whale shark. she's a very motherly type who will go out of her way to free fish (or other mer) tangled in nets or take care of abandoned shoalings. she's a part of an all-female shoal and acts as their healer. she can't swim too well because of a genetic defect, but she doesn't let that get in her way.

kay is ilya’s oldest son and a great white shark mer

his dad thinks he's dead, but he was out exploring when the Deadly Incident happened. now he’s swimming getting into fights while he finds his dad.

kay is small for his age because his family didn’t have the chance to teach him Valuable Life Skills and no other shoals wanted to take in a shark boy. he doesn’t mind tho because he’s a scrappy boi and it lets him move faster/get in more pot shots

ilya, sometimes called the Maneater by the other mer, is a great white shark mer

ilya hates the drylanders – they killed his family on two separate occasions and now he has a deep-seated grudge against them. every time he comes across a lone swimmer by the shore or an unprotected diver, he’ll drag them down into the depths and sometimes even eat them

he has a lot of tattoos made of squid ink and wears jewelery made of human and fish bones