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ask me about how i accidentally lost 2.5 million treasure in flight rising

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i was on the roundsey raffle and i meant to type 10 tickets... except i was talking with someone and typed in 10000 because my brain thought we were on crossroads or AH where you type in the number

i click ok and i see the number 5000 (because roundsey is capped at buying 5000 tickets at a time i guess) and think im spending 5000 treasure

ok cool i click confirm and only after i click do i see the part with "this will cost (coin)2500000" and by then it's too late

i contacted support but roundsey ends in like 9 hours and support is slow as shit so rip

please send hopes and prayers that i will win the grand prize so i can recoup my costs kjdfksadjf (i think i have around a 2.4% chance of winning)

finished commission piece for the lovely @kingtulip ft. two lesbeans

ice flight is doing a dom push in july and i love participating but like... i just did the may push and it kinda pissed me off djkhkjd

also artfight is also in july so

giveaway prize art for @kingtulip ft. charizard banescale

icedom's foddart

hey all my FR peeps, ice flight is doing our traditional foddart shop next week!

if anyone wants to get some dragon busts from me (or art from any of our other amazing artists), check out the thread here!

(we're setting up right now, but the shop opens @ reset on 5/10, feel free to browse to see who you'd be interested in commissioning)