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map + set of 7 landscapes i painted to showcase the areas in my world

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i love the way u drew the map ??? it's so neat and nice to look at hdksfj !!

aaaa thank you!! i love drawing maps so it's nice to hear that it looks nice ;w;

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lowkey wanna hear people's experiences trying to learn mandarin chinese, because apparently the us state department says it's a lv 5 Hard Language for native english speakers to learn but i learned it via magic as a baby

idk i just wanna see what kind of journey it would have been if i tried to learn it as an adult

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i learned it via magic as a baby too but now i cant write it anymore because the computer just does that for me u know- its like i spent all of elementary and middle school speaking and writing it and then it just deteriorated rapidly lolol (so im gonna guess writing it is the hard part)

yeah, writing really is the hardest part 😔 i only went through 1 year of elementary school in china so i never really learned how to write it in the first place lmao