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college is a fucking scam lmao (in the USA at least)

i have students who got 50s on an open notebook exam where the average is an 80 and students who got 30s on a report with an average of 60 and the professor said she was going to pass them all, even when it's obvious from their assignments that they have 0 clue what's going on and don't care to actually understand

what's even the point then? why even make students go to class? just tell them to hand over $60,000 and give them the degree instead of letting up continuously fail upwards

it dilutes the value of degrees, especially for students who know their stuff and actually try in class. like that's why they say undergraduate degrees are worthless when it comes to getting a job, because employers know unqualified graduates are everywhere. now you have to waste even more money on a master's or a phd, which is more $$$ in the colleges' pockets and more time that students have to waste away in schools.

and when does a master's degree also become worthless? when will every student have to do a phd and stay in school from age 4 to age 28 just so employers won't throw their resumes in the trash?

education is fucked

and like... what is this teaching the students? they're not stupid, they'll realize they won't have to do any work in order to succeed (and the TAs will be stuck wasting time grading them and giving them feedback that they won't take). they'll also think that they know what's going on, when in reality, they seriously don't and would be woefully unprepared for employment.