u kno i had to do it to em

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image of the spongebob meme of spongebob taking out his wallet and spongebob looking confused and disgusted. top (spongebob taking out wallet) says: me ready to spend $47 on a super pretty tarot deck. bottom (spongebob looking confused and disgusted): when they want to charge me $6.50 to ship a tiny deck of cards in a tiny cardboard box



@idioticsilverware commented on this post:
i got my tarot cards for 20 dollars and they're so pretty.....

oh, there are definitely gorgeous sets for ~$20 (shoutouts to the modern witch tarot), but the one i want just happens to be $47 + $6.50 shipping rip

they're matte black with gold foil illustrations, made of recycled plastic so they're easier to shuffle/won't crease