u kno i had to do it to em

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there's this one dude that i cannot stand in my lab (because he's ! TOXIC !) and he keeps "making friends" with everyone, probably spreading fake news to all of them. can't wait for the new grad students and undergrads coming in to be corrupted by his lies πŸ™„


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put that toxic man in the hazardous waste bin

god i wish i could just yeet him, i try to forget his existence most of the time

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can you not ask him to tone it down or ask a supervisor for advice?

one time my friend (who used to be a mutual friend) called him out on his bullshit and he just went off on her telling her how "he's an empath" and "he would never lie to her". like even my lab manager confronted him about the fake news but he was all "it's because of my multiple personality disorder!!!" and refused to take any responsibility for his actions

i did tell my lab manager that i was not going to work with him (because he was spreading fake news about me too) and she said that she was going to talk with the professor in charge of our lab about what to do because this is all just y i k e s. it's sad we can't kick him out of the lab (or even the program), because i would love that tbh