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beenary asked:

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What's a song you've had on loop recently?

i've been on a huge cyberpunk trip lately so i've been listening to Patient Zero's Empty Halls, as well as the rest of her album Transgressor (check her out, she's a trans musician making cyberpunk music)

What's something you've been listening to for years?

kpop sdkfjskldfj

Favourite video game soundtrack?

hands down the okami soundtrack

Is there a song that pumps you up? What is it?

uhh idk, it really depends on my mood. for the current Cyberpunk Mood it's Daniel Deluxe's Instruments of Retribution


beenary commented on this post:
LMAOOOO i have so many of daniel deluxes songs in my spotify already. i shake your hand. meanwhile empty halls was cool!!!! i dont usually listen to cyberpunk thats got much vocals but i dig it and i love learning abt trans musicians to support.

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