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gonna try out inkblot.art since they're opening invites for closed beta this weekend

might be interesting


got my invite today, used it for a couple of hours, here's my ~review~:

general info:

  • visually, it's a mix of dA/instagram/tumblr (you have "latest" and "explore" pages like dA, posts themselves look instagram-esque, your personal page is like a blend of tumblr and instagram)
  • you can like, reblog, and comment on posts and use hashtags for discoverability
  • meant for ages 16+
  • you can upload nsfw stuff but Bad Shit (hateful art, sexual crimes, etc) is prohibited


  • reblogs only show up on your timeline/dashboard and don't clog up your gallery
  • there's a bit of customization for your page, you can upload a banner pic and change the color if your buttons/background/text color (there's also widgets but right now those are for pro members only while they debug it)
  • there's a dedicated comics upload section
  • can mark your account as mature (for 18+ ppl only)
  • works on mobile (no app tho yet)


  • user engagement feels a little low (people tend to like but not reblog posts), might be because user count is still low while they're in closed beta
  • still some bugs to iron out with the UI
  • some parts of the site are confusing and not explained well (there's a way to mark your stuff as having a cw but i don't know how to do it, i only see the nsfw/gore toggles; people not knowing you can add hashtags, etc.)

if you wanna try out this site for yourself, they open their signup list on the 3rd weekend of every month (friday-sat US time). signup slots are unlimited but they send invites in batches of 100 spaced out every 2 days to make sure servers aren't super strained.


@mier commented on this post:
oh nice i still havent got mine but im waiting for it

definitely check your promotions tab if you use gmail, mine landed there instead of the normal inbox (probably because of the word "invitation" ) so i didn't see if for a while rip