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cringetober day 13 - that outfit looks cool in theory

bit of a redesign of an au outfit, might workshop it some more later

cringetober day 5 - meme template

look i'll admit it, i just traced the car

cringetober day 3 - 2000s alt fashion

after many days of googling "2000s alt fashion," i still don't understand it, so here's an emo goth vampire looking cecil

alternate costume for sihua for when they're not trying to draw a lot of attention

i meant for this to be sad but it came out more Overdramatic than anything

context: princely son gets framed for treason, emperor dad exiles em (rip), emperor dad deeply regrets it and pardons them 11 years later, but princely son is still Mad about the whole thing

every time i draw this robit they look tired as fuck

@maud-gone asked: 🎩 on a character of your choice for the ask meme?

this would be a good time to confess that i dont understand suits askdjfksf

thank u for the ask tho!!

clothing ruffles are beyond science

i don't know what compelled me to even give him these clothes

working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

just two merfolk looking up at some waterfalls

zoom on the mer:

One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

An oracle of the eldritch angels, rumored to exist deep within the heart of angelic territory. A creature of many eyes, both visible and invisible. Spoken of with reverence by the other angels, for its many eyes see all.

No credible sightings have been reported of this particular angel, though it has been given the moniker 'Sibyl.'

this is cecil, valentin's son. he got tired of the isolationist/traditionalist ways of his homewater and eloped with a big orca named syd to form their own shoal.

he is a very critical and sassy boy and he hates it when people value him only for his appearance. he also really hates the divide between the "warmbloods" and the "coldbloods" (think predator/prey relationship in zootopia)

me out here jumping on that my ship in x minutes meme bandwagon