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cringetober day 12 - demon oc

just testing more stuff, i don't know what possessed me to draw the rest of the body asdfsdf

cringetober day 10 - blue hair

experimenting with some stuff, gotta figure out how to make the skin less muddy dkjfsdf

working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

It calls itself Justice, bringing indiscriminate retribution upon both the innocent and the guilty. Wherever it goes, despair and death are surely to follow. those who lay their eyes upon its hard-light sword and gaping maw rarely live to tell the tale.

What hides under the wings that obscure Justice's face? Some speculate that Justice is simply hiding a lack of eyes, but others say that it hides a horror that human eyes were never meant to see.

ilya, sometimes called the Maneater by the other mer, is a great white shark mer

ilya hates the drylanders – they killed his family on two separate occasions and now he has a deep-seated grudge against them. every time he comes across a lone swimmer by the shore or an unprotected diver, he’ll drag them down into the depths and sometimes even eat them

he has a lot of tattoos made of squid ink and wears jewelery made of human and fish bones