u kno i had to do it to em

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digital full-body art of a deity oc named yasha. yasha has tan skin, long platinum blonde hair, and with two dark, greyish-purple horns that curve upwards and backwards. instead of having legs, they have many tentacles that spiral around each other, staring at the hips. the tentacles are periwinkle where they meet the torso, changing to pink and then yellow. they glow softly at the very tips. they also have two sets of semi-transparent wings that fade from periwinkle at the edges to pink to a glowing yellow color near their body. another set of wing-like feathers with the same color scheme are attached to their ears. they're not wearing any clothes, but they have these gold bands with inscriptions around their neck and wrists. three diamond-shaped gems are embedded in their chest, with the middle one being the biggest and two at the sides being smaller but of the same size. their eyes are the same color as their wings, but the skin around their eyes has two vertical scar-like lines painted in the same color as their horns.digital full-body in a chibi style of an oc doing a shrug with their eyes closed while a wispy spirit looking thing emerges from their back. the oc has jaw-length light blue hair with two hair clips. they're wearing greyish-bluish metal armor with dark blue accents and light yellow sigils. the wispy spirit is yasha holding up both fists and grinning almost evilly. their fists have silver brass knuckles on them.

i was watching this anime on netflix and there was this evil pope man who, when questioned about his use of violence in spite of his faith, straight up busted out some brass knuckles and said "i'm not doing anything, it's god, he guides my fists"

it was honestly the funniest fucking thing so now i have an oc who's supposedly a pacifist because of their faith but beats up people with brass knuckles and says it's god's will

except it's literally god's will because they're getting possessed