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cringetober day 11 - impractical weapon

gw2 flashbacks intensifies
i miss my salad son and his dragon axe

cringetober day 2 - animal ears

i gave up on the arms, can you tell

mermay day 1+2

big papa syd + baby lucrece

in my au the merfolk differ in size depending on their "other half," so you get Absolute Units like orcas and smol bois like uh most fish

@beenary asked: any of your OCs with palette 6! itd be cool to see your style in a very muted monotone

syd: can i have my colors back now

this was super fun!! i was having some art block and this gave me a much needed push

working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

create an ai that looks exactly like you, what could go wrong

just two merfolk looking up at some waterfalls

zoom on the mer:

this is sydney, an orca mer

he's a large boi (~23 ft long!!!) and a very good hunter. he catches extra fish for frederick when he and his shoal are in the arctic for the summer. while he's very charismatic, most other mer are suspicious of him for being a warmblood.

he's one of the few mer that speak "dry-lander," but somehow he talks like a mix between a pirate and a new yorker

me out here jumping on that my ship in x minutes meme bandwagon