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cringetober day 8 - just standing there

a literal child bullies a grown man, colorized, c. 2020

cringetober day 2 - animal ears

i gave up on the arms, can you tell

this is gonna be me in 4 years

(based on that man lying in the coffin and waking up again meme ft. synclair)

working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

create an ai that looks exactly like you, what could go wrong

☠️ toxic demon ☠️

he secretes neurotoxins from his skin and has bristles like a bug to make it easier to poison people

synclair is actually a selkie, and has been living on land for about seven years (because humans have been fucking up the oceans)

he eventually got very homesick and booked a vacation to a remote coastal town, and now he doesn't want to leave