u kno i had to do it to em

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wearing a deer skull on your head is such a power move

clothing ruffles are beyond science

i don't know what compelled me to even give him these clothes


working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

create an ai that looks exactly like you, what could go wrong

lf: friends to exchange ocs and aus with

ps if anyone wants to read more about my merfolk au here's an "encyclopedia page" for it, and detailed character profiles are on my toyhouse

Want me to gush about my OCs?

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Send me a “🖊+an OC“ and I will talk about that OC! It can be a headcanon, a fun fact, a small paragraph of backstory- anything!

Alternatively, send in just a “🖊“ and I will talk about any one of my OCs at random!