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fullbody reference art of my oc ilya in the cyberpunk 2077 au. there are two images, one on the left and one on the right. the left one is a clothing-less image facing 3/4 to the right showing off his cybernetics and scars. his arms are out to the side and he has a confident, if a bit smug, grin on his face. his long wavy hair is off to the right side, with a side shave on the left side. there are many horizontal scars on his arms, and a few diagonal scars on his torso. the skin on sides and back of his torso and neck have been replaced with a gray synthetic skin, similar to that of a shark. his legs have been replaced with metallic grey legs with cyan blue accents. instead of standing plantigrade, the legs are digitigrade. he also has a removable shark tail that is segmented into 6 parts, made of the same material as his legs with the same cyan blue accents. the tail has dorsal fins, but no pectoral fins. on his neck and beneath his chest, there are sets of 3 cyan cybernetic lines, similar to the gills of a shark. his palms also have a black cybernetic attachment with visible white circuits. the right image is similar to the left image, but the tail has been removed and he is wearing a set of clothes. he has a black tank top and black shorts, both with neon purple accents. on top of the tank top is a white pleather jacket with neon purple accents and two sets of two spikes on the shoulders. on his left leg, there's a belt extending from his shorts that is holding two white rectangular objects.

cyberpunk2077 really said "cybernetics" and "animals gang" without giving any of them tails huh