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just finished watching promare, it was so good wtf

maltsea asked:


  • i used to be a huge nail biter but i somehow managed to stop myself when i was like 15 and now i have long nails and paint them all the time

  • i really like making those gundam models (even though i don't watch gundam) so i can't wait for that digimon metalgarurumon model kit to come out in august

  • i jokingly call myself "seest" because i told a cashier at wendy's my name was celeste and when i got my order the receipt said seest (i've also gotten seleste, celest, and selest, but this one really took the cake)

beenary asked:


  • i love growing and propagating basils (but not eating them); actually now that i think about it, i just love growing and propagating plants even though i have no one to give them to

  • i'm lowkey into stamp collecting now idk why

goropancakechi asked:


  • i'm allergic to so many things (thanks pollen / oral allergy syndrome), like apples, peaches, soy, tree nuts, etc but i'm a stupid clown and i keep eating them

  • i love making custom envelopes out of scrapbook paper to send to other people

every year i realize that the right way to do mermay is to have stuff drawn beforehand but do i actually do that?


maltsea asked:


;o; aw, thank you

and yes, i'm definitely open to making new friends!

i made a photography blog!! it's @syrcidia

it's a bit bare atm but i'm queueing up some stuff to post

naiad asked:


honestly, as a very pessimistic person i had to think really hard about this dfkjsfkdf

i guess i feel pretty hopeful for the future when i see all the young zoomers out there being aware of what's going on in the world and actively trying to enact change (even if they don't have the political power to do so just yet). and im not that old really, but it feels like people my age have already been beaten down real hard by the system and we're at that "welp shit sucks not much we can do" (even though again, we're not that much older than the zoomers)

kinda wanna post some of my own photographs but idk if i should do it here or via a sideblog

really wanted to do more mermay stuff but carpal tunnel is coming for me

icedom's foddart

hey all my FR peeps, ice flight is doing our traditional foddart shop next week!

if anyone wants to get some dragon busts from me (or art from any of our other amazing artists), check out the thread here!

(we're setting up right now, but the shop opens @ reset on 5/10, feel free to browse to see who you'd be interested in commissioning)

the replacement book arrived and it's just as bad as the original one but in different ways

me trying to do the practice exam for the final: i literally don't remember 80% of this

anyone else just hoard those paint swatch booklets from home improvement stores?

i tell myself i'll use them for color palettes but i literally never do sdkfjadjfsf

it's mermay and i forgot i am a Fool

im a clown and just bought 4 succulents from my uni's botanical garden :)

played around with that meme ai and it gave me this

hmmm i ordered a hardcover book and it showed up today with minor cosmetic damage that would probably make it count as "used - like new" instead of "new"

i don't know if it's worth it to return for such minor damage, but at the same time i take super good care of my books and it wasn't my fault it was damaged like this :/

you ever make a piece of art and then realize a year on that it's Cringe and Awful and you immediately delete it from every single place you've posted it

i need a way to get better at chinese

i'm too advanced for duolingo/similar apps, but too bad to watch tv shows without subtitles 😩

i was translating this popular chinese novel two years ago, but the fandom was being kinda toxic so i stopped. was good practice, though. i thought about translating again but the entire community of translators and translation readers/consumers just has this fucking attitude that really turns me off

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uhh what was the name of the site where artists had drawn different hairs/faces/eyes/etc and people could mix n match em, almost like one of those dressup games

zylphide -


thank u

uhh what was the name of the site where artists had drawn different hairs/faces/eyes/etc and people could mix n match em, almost like one of those dressup games

this is like 2 months too early but anyone doing artfight this year