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gremlin-gal asked:

Oleum: If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

i had to think really hard about this, but i'd go with Americano by Lady Gaga

now i know that sounds weird because i'm not hispanic in any way but honestly it kinda captures those undocumented immigrant vibes that i've been living with for a long time

naiad asked:

Diazomethane: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

honestly this might be a little boring but i would love to learn more languages like those polygots out there. knowing two languages isn't enough i need more!!!

like right now i don't have access to Real Language Classes so i'm using duolinguo and barely learning anything, but it's A Start

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mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

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@spacepandy commented:
Ah yeah... that happened to me last year.. luckily I keep all of my layers separate and they never replied to me so I just re-used the pose/composition for a personal drawing. Was really frustrated about it thought.

oof, that really sucks. glad you were able to salvage it, though. luckily the person responded to me and put the character back up so i could at least post the attack

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mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

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@star-rice commented:
oh fucking lord, mood. Ive never had an attack I couldn't post bc of this, but I'll go "man, I wanna see the character I did art of again" and go "guess I heckiN CANT!?" >:( Theres also just? So damn many hidden characters? Its like 50% of older attacks it seems.

asdkjfsdf i just remembered that i have an oc with a decent number of attacks that i've hidden because i dislike the outfit i drew for them

once i create new outfits for em i'll unhide them

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mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

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@sidh commented:
If possible, if it's not too far along, I'd look for another OC similar enough that it wouldn't be too hard to make adjustments to fit them instead but if it's too far along then I guess there's not much that can be done

the art is Done so i messaged em asking if they could unhide the oc for a day or something (this oc wasn't hidden yesterday i know that for sure). dunno if they'll respond or anything. i'm just kinda salty about it

mfw i'm drawing an oc for artfight and the person just deletes or hides the oc

the fuck am i supposed to do with this image now kdljlaskdfs

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ladies and gentlemen... we got 'em

i have caught all 3 feral cats

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um... just got a call from the vet and one of the cats passed away

apparently his heart was the size of a grapefruit and he never woke up from anaesthesia

here's a picture of him because i think he is/was a pretty boy:

ladies and gentlemen... we got 'em

i have caught all 3 feral cats

welp the vet appointment is at 9am so i guess i gotta get up at 4:30 to get these cats before the appointment

getting ready to tnr a feral cat colony living near my house, pls send me some luck

i've literally earned Zero (0) points for team sugar because all i've been doing is friendly fire lmao

artfight site is dead but then again it's always broken the first week

artfight 2020 🎨🖌️

for anyone who's interested, here's my url:


feel free to let me know your usernames in the comments!

picked team sugar for artfight but like

when i first saw the logo i thought "it's soda vs hot chocolate"

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for anyone doing artfight this year, send me some links to your ocs

i need to collect refs right now because we all know the site is gonna Useless the first week and you won't be able to see anything

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@lynx-needs-coffee commented: What is artght? I keep seeing people talking about it.

tl;dr: it's an event that happens every year in july where people come together en masse to draw each other's ocs

there's teams and points, but honestly you don't really get anything for winning so it's all about creating art for other people and having fun

for anyone doing artfight this year, send me some links to your ocs

i need to collect refs right now because we all know the site is gonna Useless the first week and you won't be able to see anything

on the US Supreme Court ruling on DACA

i know the supreme court decision on DACA is likely to be overshadowed by their decision on gay and transgender rights, but i think it's really important to talk about this since it affects me personally.

i've kept my head down and tried not to draw any attention to myself about this, but you know what? fuck it.

for anyone who doesn't know, DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals) is an obama-era executive order program that allows undocumented immigrants who were brought to america as children to legally work, get social security numbers, and just live without fear of deportation. approximately 650,000 people, including myself, are part of this program. it started in 2012 and trump tried to rescind it in 2017. this caused a whole slew of legal battles, after which it was kicked off to the supreme court.

now i hate that i even have to say this in the first place, but myself and other DACA recepients, as well as those who were ineligible to apply for DACA (you have to pass a strict background check and fit into a very specific set of criteria to be eligible), are american in every aspect except legal. we grew up here, went to school here, said that cult-y pledge of allegiance for however many years we were in school. we are your neighbors, your friends, your classmates, your co-workers. thousands of us are out there on the front lines fighting covid-19 right now. we don't fit into the cultures of wherever we came from, hell, some of us don't even speak the language of our "native" country.

and yet, the president of the united states of america went up there on his podium and told us that we should have our ability to work taken away, that we should be allowed to be deported on the whims of ICE. let me be clear - we had to submit a lot of information to get DACA, including our current residential address and our biometrics. ICE has that information and could get us whenever the fuck they wanted, if DACA got repealed.

now, he might have said that he was rescinding the program so it would force congress to pass more permanent legislation for undocumented immigrants, but there's no guarantee that congress would do that. they'll probably just sit there and do nothing, which is exactly what happened 2012 when obama tried to pass the dream act.

from september 2017 to june 2020, a period of almost three years, me and the 650,000 other DACA recipients were wondering if we would be at risk of losing everything.

thankfully, the justices ruled in our favor (and just barely, at that).

but just because we won this battle doesn't mean that everything is fine and dandy now. the supreme court said that trump was not allowed to rescind the program based on the justifications he gave, however, he is allowed to try again, with better justifications, which is exactly what he's going to do if he gets re-elected. he says he wants immigration reform, but it'll be his kind immigration reform, you know, the kind that places travel bans on people from the middle east? it won't be immigration reform that helps people in my position.

DACA doesn't provide us with a path to citizenship, just says we're allowed to work and not be deported, as long as we don't commit any crimes (not to mention it costs $495 every two years to apply, and you don't get that back if they reject you). people who are ineligible for DACA are still fucked. we're still living in legal limbo, with no status to speak of.

i know most of this site is european, but for the americans out there, we need your support. get involved and get voting, if you can. but most importantly, remember that we are among you. we may lower our heads and hide, try to become so integrated in american society that we are rendered invisible, but we are here.

An Anonymous user asked:

just found your blog but uh, what's the backstory on some of your ocs like Cecil?

hi welcome and uh that's kind of a hard question to answer skfjskff

i'm lazy and like to reuse ocs, so each one of said ocs has a different backstory depending on which au they came from. they all have the same personalities tho so at least there's that

my toyhouse has profiles for everyone detailing their backstories if you're interested in going through thoses

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nobody asked but im gonna ramble on about my research project

so my lab works on endophytes, which are microbes that live inside plants and help em grow. my particular project is on some strains of Pseudomonas bacteria that i isolated from agave seeds

they glow in under UV light and they're so good!!!

they're highly antifungal (hypothesis: they're fungal pathogens) and they're super helpful to all the plants i've tested them on so far (carrots/coriander/rice/catnip)

right now a friend from another lab and i are collaborating on a project between her catnip and my Pseudomonas to see if my Pseudomonas can induce the catnip to produce more of the essential oil that attracts cats

i'm hoping to get enough data from my other aspects of my own project to have a scientific article completed by this fall/winter

zylphide -


so my experience working in the lab is only restricted to my specific lab, but in general, biology research labs in the us all tend to work very similarly (huge wall of text under the read more fkjsda)

usually in undergraduate classes, you're stuck in a huge lab with like 20 other kids, but when you're doing your own research (either as an undergrad intern type of person or as a graduate student), you tend to be in a very small lab with very few other people. my lab only has 4 graduate students, including myself. the biggest lab in my department has like 12 graduate students (and their lab area is much bigger as a result). there's visitors and undergrads who come in as well, but they tend to be "temporary" and dip out after 6 months or a year. generally you only really interact with your labmates, and sometimes the people who come over to your lab to borrow stuff or ask questions.

i chose plant pathology as my track precisely because i literally cannot handle hurting animals. i know mice as model animals is important for biomedical research, but that's a big no from me on that.

and honestly? most of my fellow grad friends are kinda bad at keeping their lab notebooks up to date. the lab notebook in a Real research setting isn't exactly the same as the notebooks you might have to fill out in class. the lab notebook is a legal document (at least here in the us), so you can't take it home or anything. most of the time we record data on a separate piece of paper (i have several random notebooks laying around for this purpose) and later on transfer it into the actual lab notebook.

in undergrad, there's a lot of following instructions, but at a graduate level, you kind of have to come up with your own instructions since you're solving problems no one else has ever solved before. it can get kind of annoying having to come up with novel solutions each time though, since there can be a lot of trial and error (and wasted time) involved dkjfakdsfj

i'd say a lot of people in academia are doing research to help better the world in some way. unfortunately, academia tends to retain egotistical people who value their reputation and publishable results rather than ones who are genuinely interested in passing on their knowledge. by the time grad students get their phds (and a lot of us drop out before then), they're burnt out by how academics (including people in their own department, or even their own advisors) treat them. i'm lucky my advisor is very laid back and doesn't treat us badly, but there are professors out there who are very mean to their students and basically treat them like slave labor.

from what i've read, nepetalactones activate some smell receptors in a cat's nose, so they're more like pheromones. i'm pretty sure they're not hallucinogenic, but then again, it's not like we can ask the cat.

our test run was on multiple plantlets. we don't test on just one plant because you need multiple points of data to make sure you didn't happen get an outlier. i think we did 7 plantlets per plate, with 3 plates per bacteria, totalling to 21 plants. that way we can get a good average and people can't dismiss us by saying "oh you only got those results because you have a small sample size"

if you really are interested in seeing if lab work is for you, i would recommend talking to professors who are doing research you're interested in and seeing if they would be willing to let you help them for a semester. my school let people do that for credits (or for money, if they were in a work-study program) and it's a good way to gauge if lab work is something you're passionate about. i know people who did bench work (actually doing the experiments instead of just reading/writing about them) for a year and decided they hated it, but it's only something they found out after they had that experience.

uh sorry this got very very long, i've been in a research lab for a while now and i have a lot of thoughts skjfksjf

ice flight is doing a dom push in july and i love participating but like... i just did the may push and it kinda pissed me off djkhkjd

also artfight is also in july so

just finished watching promare, it was so good wtf

maltsea asked:


  • i used to be a huge nail biter but i somehow managed to stop myself when i was like 15 and now i have long nails and paint them all the time

  • i really like making those gundam models (even though i don't watch gundam) so i can't wait for that digimon metalgarurumon model kit to come out in august

  • i jokingly call myself "seest" because i told a cashier at wendy's my name was celeste and when i got my order the receipt said seest (i've also gotten seleste, celest, and selest, but this one really took the cake)

beenary asked:


  • i love growing and propagating basils (but not eating them); actually now that i think about it, i just love growing and propagating plants even though i have no one to give them to

  • i'm lowkey into stamp collecting now idk why

goropancakechi asked:


  • i'm allergic to so many things (thanks pollen / oral allergy syndrome), like apples, peaches, soy, tree nuts, etc but i'm a stupid clown and i keep eating them

  • i love making custom envelopes out of scrapbook paper to send to other people