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digital fullbody art of my oc, llyrweyn, as a vinetooth from the mmorpg guild wars 2. he's facing to the right, viewed side-on. vinetooth are quadrupedal, drake-like creatures made of bark instead of flesh. their head has 3-4 pairs of long, thin horns that curve outward, then inward. they have 3-4 pairs of wing-like protrusions on their back, with the ones near the head being the largest. their front feet have 3 fingers and a thumb, while their back feet have 3 toes. the front limbs are decorated with wing-like bark extensions and the shoulders also have similarly-shaped protrusions growing out. their tail is long and flexible, with a spear-tip-shaped club at the very end. instead of being brown with hints of green and red like a regular vinetooth, llyrweyn's coloring is dark grey and dark blue with glowing gold accents.

i was in a guild wars 2 mood and i drew my sylvari guardian who turned into a vinetooth during the first expansion